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Documentary Uncanny

Uncanny "Official Winner" of PBS Filmmaker Project 2020.


May 2020 - The documentary about the Uncanny series will be aired nationwide, starting in Florida this June.

Czar on Juxtapoz

[JUXTAPOZ] Mariana Monteagudo Creates Gorgeous, Creepy Dolls From Salvaged Materials

June 2019 - A group of doll sculptures by the Latin American artist was recently featured on the prestigious arts magazine Juxtapoz.


Doll Sculptures of Mariana Monteagudo at ART MIAMI

Dec. 2018 - Doll sculptures from Monteagudo’s series Canvas Dolls and Morrocan Women showcased at ART MIAMI 2018 as part of the Pan American Art Projects gallery booth.


[SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE] Venezuela’s Monteagudo Perfects the Art of Making Dolls

Dec. 2014 - Monteagudo wins Tequila Herradura Barrel Art Collection contest with her ‘Happy Barrel’.

Goddesses and Subdits

[HUFFPOST] Goddesses and Subdits: The Exquisite Artwork of Mariana Monteagudo

Nov. 2012 - Art blogger Evelyne Politanoff, published an article about Monteagudo’s series of sculptures.

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