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Doll Sculptures at ART MIAMI


December, 2018 - Doll sculptures from Monteagudo’s series Canvas Dolls and Morrocan Women were showcased at ART MIAMI 2018 as part of the Pan American Art Projects gallery booth.


Morrocan Women is a series of seven pieces. Conceived as self-portraits, they homage Monteagudo’s Mediterranean heritage. Canvas Dolls comprise four sculptures wrapped in canvas and painted with acrylic. These African-inspired figures are described by the artist as a hybrid between painting and sculpture. Both series received accolades from collectors and general public during the art fair, which took place on December 4 – 9.


Commenting on her participation in Art Miami, Monteagudo stated “I’m flattered to be part in one of Florida’s most important art venues. Art Basel, Art Miami and the many other art fairs that happen during art season, give us, local artist, and incredible opportunity to showcase our work before some of the world’s most relevant collectors and critics. My two series in exhibition explore hybridism and multiculturalism.”


Based in Miami, Pan American Art Projects (PAAP) promotes artists from the Americas. The gallery has participated in prestigious art fairs such as MiArt, Artissima, Pinta London, Scope Basel, Balelatina, MACO, The L.A. Art Show, Paris Photo, Pinta New York, the Armory, and Volta.


Art Miami is globally recognized as a primary destination for the acquisition of modern and contemporary art.

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