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[HUFFPOST] Goddesses and Subdits: The Exquisite Artwork of

Mariana Monteagudo

Goddesses and Subdits

November, 2012 

Art blogger and contributor to the Huffington Post, Evelyne Politanoff, wrote an article about Goddesses and Subdits, Mariana Monteagudo’s latest series of sculptures. This was the third blogpost by Politanoff, who described her work as stunning.


Goddesses and Subdits was exhibited at SCOPE New York, ART Wynwood and JUSTMAD Miami, receiving rave reviews.


In describing the series, the Latin American artist stated ““In my latest 2012 series, Goddesses & Subdits, I wanted to make an interpretation of the power of beauty and femininity over others. These goddesses, queens and princesses are at the top of their society. They look over their shoulders and watch us from another dimension.”


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